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Ladies, why wait? The wedding proposal is your privilege!

Ladies, why wait? The wedding proposal is your privilege!

Ladies, if Valentine’s Day this year was promising and your man declared his love for you, then why not seize the opportunity and propose? After all, on February 29th it is your privilege!

Although some could argue that marriage proposals are no longer the  exclusive domain of  the guy, any one more shy and reticent waiting for the “get down on one knee  OMG this is it” moment  can use the day as an  officially sanctioned moment (in folklore) to pop the question.

There are different versions of where this tradition of women being able to pop the question on February 29  came from, depending on who you ask.   I read that some say St Patrick agreed the deal with St Bridget who supposedly bargained him down from every seven years to every four, whereas reckon that as the day stands outside the normal run of things and even has a debatable place in the law, it was natural for something unnatural (some may say) to be allowed.

So if you feel like your relationship is ready for the next stage and you  want some commitment so that you can book a band for your wedding, you can always refer to this blog claiming that as the choice of band is  really important, you need to know now so that we can block the date!

Corny but true!