Feed your children swing and jazz

scatcat-150x150There was an interesting article a while ago by Neil McCormick entitled “Do we really need ‘children’s music’? They’ll be fine with David Bowie”.

Firstly I must say that I do agree with Mr McCormick, he makes a good point. It should never be underestimated just how much influence the style of music that children listen to has on their personal development as a citizen of the world. In other words,  the music  but you are brought up listening to is probably what will inspire you,  not to mention how the adults who are around those kids will be affected.
Now that’s not to say that Humpty Dumpty will make you worried about sitting on walls, or that learning common usage expressions from listening to songs with explicit lyrics will affect your chances of getting into Eton, but  there’s definitely a link somewhere.
Now of course I’m biased. I love swing and big band music, 50’s etc. No nasty lyrics there, although perhaps a few disguised innuendos. (How about Bill Haley’s famous line in “Shake, Rattle & Roll” -” I’m like a one eyed cat, feeding in a seafood store”….)

Anyway, my theory is that if children were fed a musical diet of Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, Nat King Cole,  Ella Fitzgerald and the like, then this would have  an extremely beneficial effect on their formative years, their language and their behaviour.

So if anybody  is interested in sponsoring a children’s album project, for example called ” Swinging in the Crib”, then do get in touch. You never know,  those children’s nursery rhyme lyrics might have a wonderful effect on the kids, whilst at the same time as giving both them and their parents that wonderful fuzzy feeling you get from listening to good old swing band music.

And perhaps I could calmly retire on the royalties…