Live Stings and music For Awards Events

Live Stings and music For Awards Events

‘Stings’, a.k.a. walk up music, have their origins in the broadcast world, where they are also known as idents and are widely used to reinforce channel branding. In this environment they are just a few seconds long, they provide short visual and musical punctuations between programmes, and capture attention before shows begin, much the same as jingles. These stings give TV and radio channels a real personality, and sometimes even become better known than the programmes themselves – think of BBC’s Pick Of The Pops or the Parkinson show theme.

Stings can kick start the event announcements or be used to get people to take their seats. As the name suggests, stings should be short and sharp. In the broadcast world, they’re sometimes just 4-5 seconds long; in the events world, no more than 1 minute in total, and then only if you are waiting for winners to pose for photographs and to fill the time till the next announcement.

A good sting has flair and personality and brings events to life. Most corporate awards events tend to use pre-recorded stings, since very few bands have the ability to play live and do it well. Any covers band can try, but unlike a live dancing set they need to be absolutely spot on and know how to cue in and out in perfect timing to suit the compere and what’s happening on stage.

Don’t underestimate the extent to which the right music played by the right band can really make your event fly. Music both sets the tone for an event, and provides an atmospheric undercurrent. We have a specially written and arranged repertoire of live stings for awards events that we know work well.