Oh, The First Dance From a man’s perspective

Oh, The First Dance From a man's perspective

Hey Grooms to be….let’s talk about the fearful first dance at your wedding. A scary thought? You’re not the only one. Almost every man fears the duty of leading their bride on the first dance. Whoever decided the man should lead the dance, anyway? We’re not know for our multitasking abilities, so I understand if it feels daunting!

It sure is an odd concept, but it’s an argument that isn’t going to win with your bride-to-be. You are going to have to learn how to dance to a swing band. But it doesn’t have to be as trepidatious as you anticipate it to be.

The first dance is one of the most popular wedding traditions. It has been carried on throughout centuries and centuries, and certainly isn’t going to fade away anytime soon. So you, as well as many other men, are simply going to have to put on some dancing shoes and step up to the plate. It may surprise you that the first dance is much more about the meaning than it is about the dance steps. This should give you some piece of mind, but not too much. After all, people are going to be watching you dance.

The importance of the first dance wedding tradition is because it is the very first dance you and your bride get to dance as husband and wife, and you’re also dancing to a song that you both picked out to represent your love and relationship. (As if your vows weren’t enough, right?) You still can’t skip this part, so you might as well prepare for those dancing classes because the first dance comes an abundance of camera lights shooting off in your direction. At least you’ll have tons of photos to captivate the goodwill of it, and your two left feet.

There are many different styles of dance that work amazingly with our swing band. Some are incredibly easy and will ‘get you by’, if you will. These are ideal for the men who are completely sold on the fact that they will never dance well, regardless of the price and amount of dance classes they partake in.

The foxtrot is one of the most popular styles for first wedding dances because it is so easy to learn and flows admirably with slow ballads. The waltz is a more formal style, and has a variety of levels of difficulties. Proceed with caution because you can really get into some heavy stuff with the waltz. The ultimate style of dance for your first wedding dance is going to be a mixture of the two – a formal appeal with easy steps. Swing dance is the epitome of just that, and if you hire a swing band for weddings, then you’re all set. It’s relaxed and cool, but has that youthful, flirty charm. Oh, and it’s easy enough to learn in a short amount of time!

Despite being extremely easy, they’ll make your dance moves look pretty flawless. Your wife will be proud and impressed, and everyone else will definitely be jealous that she landed such an incredible dancer. Yeah, right?

Your first dance doesn’t have to be a dreaded element of your big day. You can fool everyone into thinking you’re an incredible dancer by learning a few simple steps.

I’ve had a number of couples come to me a few minutes before their first dance, panicking because the groom has forgotten his steps. Being a swing dancer myself, and having done the some ballroom here and there, I’m always on hand to reassure the groom, show him how to sway to the left, twirl to the right, then a little dip.

But after all is said and done, it comes down to one thing, and one thing only guys. During the first dance, look into her eyes, hold that gaze and smile lovingly…because that’s the part of the dance that really counts!